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Wildflower Woolf

Wildflower Woolf

What food do we feed
women artists?
she asked me from the shelf
on the cusp of 100 years
ago today,

our bodies, ourselves!
just as enraged reeling queasy
on behalf of women–
so much at stake!
(on which they burned us)
O desperation!

she tells us of the women
flung about the room
(hardly their own
deprived of education forced 
to bear children at a deadly rate 
all the while ignorant
of their precious 
once upon a time 
is NOW to seed yourself 
with their stories 

and wildflower
from our common roots
a fruit!

To feed your courage
Artist, only knows!
how they can grow like that 
by the side of the road
insistent & persistent
it is SO 
your right to determine 
a Life for your conceptions
and just how far they
will grow!