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FITNESS FOR POETS weekly verse is now a MONTHLY letter as I shift focus to publishing my first book– an illustrated memoir about dancing away those early Art school days.

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Welcome, Present

Welcome, Present

Welcome, my dear!
The seed for this note
began sprouting,
way back when a visual artist,
(by now, a third person)
was drawn
to work in words…

There was a LOT to learn!

I spent so much time
Ha! No.

The beauty is,

Creativity appreciates every
step of the process,
no matter how long it takes,

What about just sitting down and
doing the work?

a few more notes first?
(it’s research!)
Wandering, wondering, sighs
colors, patterns, moments in time,
feeling, recognizing  
the breeze, shooting it!
Chores, lists, intentional

Seems there’s a limit
to this eternal
cycle of working on working out
how best to keep on
making work…

that nobody asked for!

Typical lures don’t work,
not to mention the insatiable
drive inside that bites and cries  
and threatens to throw us
off the cliff
if we don’t bring our gift,

would like
some ice cream.

And then?
Perhaps we exercise?
Train it like a muscle,
this so-called

creative process.

You already know
how much better you feel

once you’re done… right?

Why not aim to
feel good from the start
every morning, setting out across 
the blank, and into the

Fitness for Poets?
Our goal is to BE
open and receptive and ready to go. 
Welcome to your present!
(Open it, open it!)

What will you work on today?

No project yet?
(Tell me about it!)

Write ME a letter.

You don’t have to send it!
(but I’d like it if you did)

Nothing like a counterpunch
to lubricate your mind 
once those juices get flowing!