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FITNESS FOR POETS weekly verse is now a MONTHLY letter as I shift focus to publishing my first book– an illustrated memoir about dancing away those early Art school days.

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The Meaning of Life?

The Meaning of Life?

is even MORE of a conundrum
when you must 
make something of it.
Especially now, 

when it’s been so very easy

to become disconsolate.

Roots clenched, 
heart pounding at dawn,
eyes rolling out 
from under the couch
where the bulbs 
were planted last year–

Just go and grow?
But we’ve been holding 
on for so long! 


actually appreciates 

this sort of 


*second syllable, above 
We’ve got to get 
back there if we want to 
make a fresh start.
Yes, I said fresh.

One drop at a time,
(we survived!)
just stand there for now;
see what comes out.

A little bit each day?

Could be a start.