The Best Nest

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The Best Nest

The Best Nest

For every work of Art
built to bring forth
your next great attempt
might not at first
hold together

so far from
perfect actually you could
give up entirely failed
internal agony ripping you
apart your feathered 
breast strewn

Open heart! 
bared smack dab
perfect spot to welcome

your steady companion
returning bright–eyed
one twig at a time intent on 
hearing your song sung at dawn
– What a thought!

Head cocked breathing still 
staring at the pieces 
tends to blur the lines anew
perspective forms & that
certain secret synchronicity
just gotta hand it to you!

In this case?
a piece of cardboard placed
where a sheltered view
you always knew
would make the best nest
were it not for the lack
of a solid floor!