Kristine Ludewig-Schnur

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FITNESS FOR POETS weekly verse is now a MONTHLY letter as I shift focus to publishing my first book– an illustrated memoir about dancing away those early Art school days.

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Promissory Note

Promissory Note

An off-hand remark
A careless comment
no, really
what do you

think you are doing?

(Thought it was clear?)

jibes too shy you were
to speak your vision fixed 
as doubt it overstayed
hot cheeks on a
scale of shrinking

what IF?

Not good enough
Not smart enough and

not Original;
a fraud?

Tell me now

I shall hold your hand
& swim us back through
frozen recollections
to the source of

Subject matters!

So take up your tabula
your canvas your

and get it all down!
shall become of
your life— moving forward
to heal as well the 
suffering of

… just as you thought!