Kristine Ludewig-Schnur

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FITNESS FOR POETS weekly verse is now a MONTHLY letter as I shift focus to publishing my first book– an illustrated memoir about dancing away those early Art school days.

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Perfectly Morpheus

Perfectly Morpheus

Snuggled up in your nest
leafy warm swaying 
at the top of the

your wild Idea

Can’t sleep!
calling out every
hour on the hour with
an urgent cry
you leap!

– when all you really
want is some


but the harder you try
the more elusive the prize 
grows frustratingly 

so stay

bide your time

tilling the essential lag 
that brings 

nascence to life!  

by intentionally 
tensing each consecutive section 
of your muscular structure
with a tight squeeze &
release! head to toe 
sinks you cradle-deep
planting your cede
as a reverence 
– morphing magical 
suction swift towing 
your beam
straight for the

ready to harvest
at a later time
should you

(grab something to write?)

– remember anything 
of this 
certainly by 

fast asleep!