Ovulation Cycle

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Ovulation Cycle

Ovulation Cycle

Down to the
last of the eggs
in your soft fur basket?

Looking inside with intention
will help you to

the Original!
groomed and bejeweled
selected as perfect 
over millions of others 
to be launched 
against the odds on 
that treacherous journey 
to be sought! 

by the worthiest of suitors 
you consumed 
split and grew 

safe harbor
for a cryptic web of code
inscribed with
intrinsic decoration
of your power over
evil : say
that perniciously 
pervasive perception 

that an empty basket 
is worthless

being incapable of
bringing forth new life!

Hmm, might even be true
seeing as the last of the eggs?

Is all about YOU
moving forward with
whatever it is
that you were born to do.

Innate all this time
… hardly counts as new!