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Moral Oracle

Moral Oracle

The hand of Man
has been tampering with
my ways since

paleo chicks grubbed
berries & roasted mammoth
while their menfolk

to come inside
and worship my body as
Divine in a cave
cut deep below the waist
perfectly fit!
for their serpentine

Did it ever happen to you?
when pleading at your
garden gate cleaved & rammed
they split you in two!  
tore down your walls and
built you
into a Cathedral

to come inside
at their leisure
even warrior tribes with
a thunder god such as ours
can’t help but to notice
that your human female body
possesses the same power 
as the Divine

in your natural ability to bring
forth Life in real time

much to the chagrin of the

considering How-to
extend its strength & length

By harnessing your power
and reigning it in
via sly decree regarding
if and/or when

any motile gent 
should ever lay his head 
on your thigh and 
plead & cry

to come inside
and consummate 
your Love now consumed by
Fear though it wasn’t quite
an Accident
(no blood)

For how LONG
has your deepest wish 
been to think on your own
before bringing any other soul 
into these modern times

when bodily rights
& autonomy of decision
are but fading scars
marking our civilization
as having failed


as a given