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Love, John Donne

Love, John Donne

Back when women birthed
until they died

John Donne, circa 1595
was a young man
in love

with the boss’s niece.

Twelve children! 
sprang forth from that love 
so strong

he never thought but to 
lose the job
keep the girl
love the girl

make continuous babies
until the day she 
could bear no longer 

and died.

he persevered into 
this day & age
with an endurance 
so fervent

you might wonder…

Does the 
source of creative power 

somewhere close to the 
sex drive?

Kissing cousins, certainly!
energy being relative 
welling and writhing
through various spurts of 

tugging at your sleeve
your hand your heart/ look at me!
gleefully smeared with the very
raw material  
you thought it best to save
for a rainy day. True, 
you don’t always get to 
have your say

while feeding clothing housing
that intangible bit of your soul
taking shape as we speak–

your new piece! 
Fully grown

it stands to touch others
all on its own.

While you?

Get started on seeding 
and another and
Until the day you 

with an endurance 
so fervent…

Let them wonder!