Kristine Ludewig-Schnur

Exciting news!

My FITNESS FOR POETS weekly poem has become
a MONTHLY letter as I shift focus to my first book– a magical realism memoir in verse about dancing away those early Art school days.

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Integral Sense

Integral Sense

Do you 
remember when you
ran : as far and as
fast as you can
to where the wild things 

& you were
in second nature
drinking honeysuckle 
rose petals in your hair : the 
glowing sunlit breeze 
enough to feed

your longing ! yearning 
bigger for the better
arching from that nameless 

into a rainbow!
every color dancing free
& unique in seamless sequence
melding fierce to bridge the 

with all you have in common
Essential iridescence!
shared love & humanity evolving 
pots of golden conscience
at the deepest level 
rule the need to gather in 
collective for 

some real time
sweat & spit expelled
in close proximity

even so
emphatic is delicious
second nature
in which sense?

Of belonging
ah! the evidence of tribe.