Kristine Ludewig-Schnur

Exciting news!

My FITNESS FOR POETS weekly poem has become
a MONTHLY letter as I shift focus to my first book– a magical realism memoir in verse about dancing away those early Art school days.

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Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit

Did you say perfection?
of domestic bliss
feeds gladly  
the demise 

of the heated… 

Lest your creative 
passion be eaten alive,
just tell it to

Go play outside! 
and dirty your mindful
with an intentional voyage
to slay comfortable 
assumptions cut and parried 
your head in the clouds
chasing fuzzy 
recollections of another
way upside down the 
path to transcend your

as revelation!
unfolding like laundry
still waiting always 
cooking | cleaning | feeding
to cross the street
you’re home, sweet! 
sigh of resolution. 
Prize achieved–

that missing piece!