God's Pronoun

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a MONTHLY letter as I shift focus to my first book– a magical realism memoir in verse about dancing away those early Art school days.

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God’s Pronoun

God’s Pronoun

OMG now!
is the time for 
he/ she/ they 
declare on behalf 
his/ her/ their


a pronoun to stand in

bear the brunt 
of repetitive reference 
within a long sentence while 
proactively stating the 
preferred gender 
by which to 

a collective, certainly! 
Every one of our hopes & 
dreams! perceptions & 
conceptions! not to mention 
expletives! in a perfect 
amalgamation of the universal 
yearning for Meaning
Retribution &

eliminating quite deftly 
the possibility of a singular 

He… or She…

gets points for plural, yes
but so removed

wouldn’t you say?
from the notion of our 
common subatomic origin
whence we set out daily 
seeking Something 
for our noun
to do,
you and me

not to mention

feeling quite left out 
by this time,

propose WE 

consider God as such, 

the Great all-inclusive!
Bless us,  

every One.