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Give Love Instead

Give Love Instead

storming about feeling hurt?
because They   
are not acting the way
that They should,  
this impossible person
who gets it so wrong!

Why not channel that red

into an
act of Love?

Euphoric true Love!
the distinct sensation
experienced as One  
by Two individuals
learning what of?

since birth.

What makes you feel loved?

Need a hint?
Just think back to that
last straw brought on 
by nagging? Knowing!
precisely just what  
They aren’t doing like
they did

Some yelling, yes?

Do what They ask.

If you can muster 
the strength to 
concede their missing 

1. They will be happy

2. to meet
your specific needs  
at that little café somewhere,

just like they did

you lived happily ever after.