Flower Blood Moon

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Flower Blood Moon

Flower Blood Moon

Forced to bloom
too quickly & it hurts!
those seeded pearls of wisdom
growing deeply irritated
when you try so hard
to squeeze mythic meaning
from your daily

Life implores you
leave the sensible behind 
take some Time! 
for essential distillation
of the pure impulse it takes you
dancing hide nor hair
sheer genius fuzzed & furry
tendrils glisten sticky
glib now think!
tight bud

does your know how–to
increase the likelihood
that big fat Chance
penetrate your open mind  
petals pushed aside
to welcome

Ah! the birds and the bees!
just trying to survive
Spring Fever

tickle gladly the initiative
’til sated synthesis delicious
fruits forth! 
eclipsing every expectation
of your glorious 

Truth is born!