Kristine Ludewig-Schnur

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FITNESS FOR POETS weekly verse is now a MONTHLY letter as I shift focus to publishing my first book– an illustrated memoir about dancing away those early Art school days.

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Ex cogitate

Ex cogitate

Just what
are you going to due?
next time how
will you arrive 

at pride and joy
when your passion
once more  
is such a chore

! the harder you try
! the tenser you get
! something must give 

Yourself in sacrifice!
to the queen of the see
sit and stare at the wall
looking deep without care
Is that dust? behind the
open door beckons frivolous
at last! advantageous
driving whereby on the side
of a truck singing from
the top of a tree
tucked in at the end of your
attention span propped up against
a parking meter?
Sacred ground indeed

stakes its place when Time
is wasted with an insouciance
equal and opposite to  

the depth of your furrowed brow
assured on the rebound
ample sprouts fortuitous!