Endemic Mean

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Endemic Mean

Endemic Mean

Are you?


No fever no cough

a runny nose?

fully vaxxed & freshly boosted 
not likely to die
this time

but nonetheless?

you are tired

of soldiering forward
through this latest wave 
surging in numbers 
come full circle 
jumping how high 
is highly transmissible? counting 
every sniffle cough & drip 
wait! weighing the risk 
with home test kits
(out of stock! )
and social isolation  

Getting it

despite every precaution,
a breakthrough infection!

is said to teach your 
cellular alphabet
strategic defense capabilities
specifically tailored to 
fight any instance of the 
mutant insurrection.

Accepting this epic 
as endless,

dare we nymph our thought 
forward leaping over this 
epoch to cast
from our sacred grove 

into a Season?

Anticipated annually 
(not quite eagerly) 
but adequately 
prepared, at least

to put an 

to this PAN