Easy Breather

Exciting news!

FITNESS FOR POETS is now MONTHLY as I shift focus to publishing my first book– a magical realism memoir in verse about dancing away those early Art school days.

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Easy Breather

Easy Breather

Short of lost
caught & taken away
no thought is needed for 

the key to quashing
mad energy of unrest
jumping frantic to conclusion
O the consequence!
lest you forget

take a deep one and dig
hug the tight clench in your chest 
gentle lung love : wing of dove 
steels the inner flood 

as if it were your first
day of life : newborn baby body 
filled with spirit feeding
old creative soul comfort &
cajole recalling

To expire ?!
need not be dire
just let GO & 

Stoke the fire of revival
breathing life into your mojo
lofty daily sailing over
all that plagues
living through the turbulence
ascending nonetheless to
your success?

Right there
in that next breath!