Kristine Ludewig-Schnur

Exciting news!

My FITNESS FOR POETS weekly poem has become
a MONTHLY letter as I shift focus to my first book– a magical realism memoir in verse about dancing away those early Art school days.

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Childe Herald

Childe Herald

Perish the thought!
of sending 
it out before it’s ready to 
take on a life of 
its own,

shifting shape as 
soon as any 
mind open enough to 
welcome such an 

parses per personal predilection
your original intention  
to a comfortably –centric

a far better fate, I’d say!
than absconded with 
dismembered and 

Keep it to yourself, then.
Never tell a soul!

Would defeat
the whole purpose of
daring the world 
toward a better grace,

personal work only you 
can create.

before you let it go —
(ah yes, you did sign it)

is your 
signature strong enough to 
take a stand…  

as your own?