Perimenopause Poem

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Baby Metabolic

Baby Metabolic

Walking through
the supermarket feeling
somewhat unsure

you are taken
by a parade of babies
to that place

of desire?
Still too young! 
you are 

for any offspring 
to have offsprung— yet yes 
too old! (you surely know)
for starting over again 
nurse nurture feed
drop everything and 
RUN to the cry 
of wide open eyes—
not sleeping through the night?

At first blush 
warm chills build a wave 
swells #crashandburns 
in a fine spray of sweat
soaking wet, repeat!
acne rages rampant pangs
of hair loss growing 
hunger elsewhere 
is there still 

Time for a change!

Maybe the new baby can teach 
you through this next season 
heretofore unknown 
yet so akin!

Meeting needs &
watching cues?

all of them yours 
this time so spin them 

enriched & spoiled rotten
the epitome of coddled

when tempered by a nap.